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Stream Report

As of Monday 6/4 at noon.
The water levels on all area streams are  high.  Fishing may be delayed for several days. Try for Wednesday the 6th. If we get the  rains that are forecast wait until Thursday, be very careful when wading.

The Sulphurs have arrived. We began seeing them on Monday the 7th. of May. They are not prolific as of mid week but will pick up by weeks end if things go as usual. These are the big sulphurs ( #12/14). Swinging wets in a Sulphur pattern has been working during pre hatch time. 

The sulphurs have slowed but some areas of various streams still have an evening emergence. An occasional Grey Fox can be seen and the fish have been taking them.

The temperatures on the lower breeches are beginning to warm. As of 5/9 18 the temperature at Lisburn was 58
with visibility good....@ McCormack Road @1:30 pm it was 58* with vis. @ 15".....@ Leidigh Park @ 2:15 pm it was 56* with vis. @ 18".



Midge # 22-24, in dark colors.   Midge pupa in size #18, #16 in black, white, and brown colors. 
Be on the lookout for small black caddis (#18) . Some days they are abundant. They may be gone by months end. The little olives have been about some days.  The summer olives will make their appearance soon.  AS the temps begin to climb and the month progresses we  see the little sulphurs. Watch for spinner falls in late afternoon or early evening.

PATTERNS that are working:
Big Spring:
Blue winged olives - # 20 /22 emergers and surface patterns.   
Shenks mini streamers #14/16.....Cress Bugs #14....Scuds #14
#20/22 Midge pupa (red and black). 
Egg patterns Little Black Stoneflies

Yellow Breeches:
Small Nymphs in generic patterns. Streamers both large and small. Egg Patterns.  The little  Olives # 18 /22 will give way to the summer olives #16.
  Zebra midges or your favorite midge pupa pattern. Small dark caddis are around some days. These will be followed by the March Browns (little activity  on the breeches) and early sulphurs. ( These began around the 7th of May.

Letort Spring Run:
Shenk's Sculpin #8...cress bugs 14/16...BWO's #20...PT nymphs #12/20...Black/Olive/ White woolly buggers #8/14...midges and watch for sulphurs.

Mountain Creek:
Woolly buggers #10/14 all colors... midge pupa#16/18... green weenie # 12/16...BWO's #  18...swing some wets ( include a picket pin in your set up). Egg patterns. March Browns may be around on some stretches of the creek.. 

Conawago: Moderate conditions !
Egg patterns #14/16... Buggers #10/14...midge pupa #14/18...
GRHE nymphs #10/18...PT nymphs #12/ worms #14
Green weenie #12/16...Crayfish patterns #10/14. . Grey soft hackles in size 14 and 16. Zebra midge. Some sections may see March Browns or Grey Foxes. Sulphurs.





Little Black Stonefly  capnia vernalis
Hook        #18  Mustad 94859; Tiemco 101; Daiichi 1110
Thread      Black 8/o Uni;  Griffiths Sheer 14/0
Tails            Guard hairs from woodchuck tail or mink
Abdomen    Black Ostrich herl or dark mahogany beaver dubbing.  Palmered black stiff hackle
                      for skaters.
Wing            Black cdc or black antron with black cdc underwing.
Thorax        Black hackle from a good stiff neck, clipped on bottom.

Hook            #18 Daiichi 1710 or equivalent
Thread           Danville 6/0 black
Tails                Wing biots dyed dark brown, or mink guard hairs.
Abdomen        Maxima Chameleon 8lb or smaller to fit size of species or two strands of bronze
                          peacock herl reinforced with fine copper wire.
Wingcase        Section of flexmented goose quill or black pheasant tail fibers.
Thorax             Mink or Russian Squirrel wrapped on with a dubbing loop or any dark brown 
                          or black scraggly fur dubbed on and teased with a dubbing teaser.
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